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Do you feel stressed and tired, and like you’re constantly running around taking care of everyone and everything else?

Do you struggle to find time for yourself?

Do you feel that forming healthy habits is central in feeling your best, but you’re discouraged and frustrated because you’ve tried, but you don’t know how to fit them into your busy schedule, or make them last? 

In my program, Vital Routine Reset, I’ll guide you in forming a lasting wellness routine made up of habits that are essential to your well-being. We’ll create a routine that fits seamlessly into your day so you can increase your energy, find balance, feel strong and confident in your body, and move through life with more ease, flow, and happiness.

PROGRAM highlights

100% personalized to what you need

  • Weekly 1-on-1 sessions where we’ll discover exactly what YOU need to feel energetic, healthy, strong, good in your body, and balanced.
  • I’ll support you every step of the way as you implement your vital routine and learn to work through the challenges that arise with clarity and confidence.

Learn how to bring more ease to the process

  • Bring more ease and flow to your journey by using my neuroscience-based habit change framework that works WITH your brain’s natural tendencies for change.
  • You’ll become an expert in the framework to bring ANY habit into your life with less stress and more ease.

Form habits that last even when you’re busy

  • Form a wellness routine that fits seamlessly into your day and learn how to scale it up or down depending on how much or how little time you have.
  • Build confidence knowing that you CAN find time to prioritize yourself no matter what’s going on in your life.

3 Simple Steps To Get Started

Book a free 60-Minute discovery call

We’ll get to know each other, explore what you’re currently struggling with and what you’re looking to achieve, and discuss if my program is the next best step on your wellness journey.

Build your vital routine and create your roadmap

Together, we’ll build your personalized vital routine and create the roadmap to get you there. We’ll figure out what YOU need now and what habits will help you thrive no matter what’s going on in your life.

Put your roadmap into action

I’ll guide you as you put your roadmap into action with weekly sessions. I’m there with you every step of the way, giving you individualized 1-on-1 support and teaching you how to confidently navigate any challenges or obstacles that arise as you move toward your best, most vibrant self.

A Few More Details…

Vital Routine Reset

1-on-1 customized and comprehensive coaching program to create a lasting wellness routine that builds balance, energy, and strength and lays the foundation for a vibrant, healthy life filled with ease, flow, and joy.  


  • 14 weekly coaching sessions
  • Two, 90-minute sessions to set the foundation for our work together.
  • All subsequent sessions are 60 minutes to fit into your busy schedule.
  • An accountability approach customized to the way you work best so you are fully supported in staying on track.
  • Unlimited text and email support between sessions to celebrate successes and to seamlessly address challenges as they arise.
  • Curated health and wellness resources to cut through the information overwhelm and fast track your progress.
  • All sessions conducted via Zoom so you have the flexibility to call in from anywhere.

Mental Fitness Training:

  • 6-week mental fitness training to build “mental muscles” that break the old and ingrained automatic patterns of your mind that are keeping you stuck in stress, frustration, and self-doubt.
  • You’ll learn specific tools to shift into a place of ease, flow, clarity, and confidence that has far-reaching effects on your health, happiness, and relationships, and accelerates your progress toward feeling balanced, vibrant, and healthy.
  • Includes access to a 3rd party’s mental fitness training app for a full year.
“I feel more confident in my journey towards healthy nutrition, exercise and fertility after working with Emily – every session is a breeze that lifts my wings. I have recommended Emily to friends and we are all equally impressed with her work – no matter what our different and varying concerns have been. Emily helps me be honest with myself about what I want to change, what I can change and how I can accomplish it…I’m sure you, too, will find fulfillment and self-actualization working with Emily.”


Are you ready to go from feeling stressed, tired, and discouraged to feeling balanced, vibrant, and healthy?

Join me for a complimentary 60-minute discovery call to explore the coaching process and determine if my program is the next best step on your wellness journey!