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Let’s get to know each other and find out if we’re a good fit for coaching together. The first step is to book a complimentary 45-minute discovery session.


1-on-1 customized coaching program to create lasting wellness habits that build balance, energy and strength and lay a foundation for a healthy, vibrant future. 

Package includes:

  • 18 coaching sessions (all sessions conducted via Zoom)
  • Cost: $1,794 or 6 monthly payments of $299

Months 1-2:

  • Weekly sessions to build tools and set you up for success (9 sessions total)
  • Introduction to a habit change framework that will serve as the foundation for our work together
  • General education on the 5 pillars of health and ways to integrate small changes to maximize your wellness and reach your goals
  • Learn how to integrate lasting wellness habits with less stress and more ease with a neuroscience-based approach
  • Craft your habit change plan and get started on implementation with individualized guidance and support
  • 6-week Mental Fitness training to decrease stress and overwhelm and strengthen your resilience on your habit change journey and beyond

Months 3-6:

  • Twice monthly sessions to solidify your wellness habits (9 sessions total)
  • Identify and target the areas that will bring you balance, energy and strength so you can move through your days with more ease and flow
  • Discover and practice how to adjust your wellness habits to support you no matter how much or how little time you have
  • Implement and grow your habit change plan and build confidence by learning how to use the habit change framework to seamlessly overcome current and future challenges leading to lasting habit change

All months include:

  • Pre-session check-ins for structured reflection
  • An accountability approach customized to the way you work best
  • Formal accountability/troubleshooting coach check-ins up to 3x/week via Voxer, text or email based on your preference
  • Unlimited informal text and email support between sessions

“I feel more confident in my journey towards healthy nutrition, exercise and fertility after working with Emily – every session is a breeze that lifts my wings. I have recommended Emily to friends and we are all equally impressed with her work – no matter what our different and varying concerns have been. Emily helps me be honest with myself about what I want to change, what I can change and how I can accomplish it…I’m sure you, too, will find fulfillment and self-actualization working with Emily.”



1-on-1 session to give you tools to move toward your most balanced, energetic and strong self.

Package includes:

  • One, 90-minute coaching session (conducted via Zoom)
  • Cost: $150

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to a neuroscience-based habit change framework that will set you up for success in implementing a wellness habit with less stress and more ease
  • General education on the 5 pillars of health
  • Identification of the best habit to begin with and design of a personalized implementation plan
  • Explore and decide on your approach to accountability
  • Have a basic understanding of how to scale up or down your habit based on how much or how little time you have
  • Leave with confidence to jumpstart your habit change journey and move forward with implementing your habit of choice with a fresh perspective on and structure for habit change

Corporate Coaching Packages

Services are designed based on company needs and are fully customizable.

Packages can include:  

  • Educational, interactive presentations on health & wellness topics and habit change
  • Group coaching in single and/or packaged sessions
  • Team health & wellness challenges
  • 1-on-1 employee coaching packages
  • Additional bespoke services based on specific company needs

Please contact me here to learn more about how I can best serve your company.

*Pricing varies based on services provided